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the IMPACT book

Give the ultimate gift, and show them how much they matter to the world around them.

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Too many people walk around without the slightest idea how much they mean to the people around them. It’s easy to assume that people just ‘know’ how much we love them, and so the words remain unsaid. Let's normalize telling our people how much they mean to us.

The IMPACT book is one of the best gifts you'll ever give. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what a few people have said about their experience:

"It’s funny how you sometimes feel like you’re ‘just’ in the background most of your life, no one ‘important.’ I knew my family loved me, I never questioned that, but when you start reading their thoughts on things that have happened or how they felt about certain memories... it changes the way you think about yourself. I’m not ‘just’ in the background and I am important! I may not be important in the world, but I am important to those who mean the world to me. This book blessed me and continues to bless me, each time I pick it up. Impact’s an amazing way to remind your loved ones just how much they are loved and to keep some wonderful memories alive.”

Lori S. - Recipient of an IMPACT book

"I ordered an impact book for my best friend for her 18th birthday. [We] have been friends since elementary school and she means a lot to me. [She] is someone who I know has made an impact on so many different people she has crossed paths with, but I didn’t think she knew that about herself. I knew about IMPACT book for a long time, but I happened to stumble across a post about three weeks from [her] birthday. I looked into it a little more and knew that’s what I wanted to give her. With the help of her mom, I got people from all of the stages of her life. If you are on the edge about getting a book for someone, do it!! Seeing their reaction is my favorite thing. It’s my favorite gift I’ve ever given."

Makenna D. - Giver of an IMPACT book

“She gives a lot of herself to so many and receives much joy in supporting others to shine. As long as I have known her I have enjoyed watching her when she looks through our family pictures - she has a radiant beautiful smile while she relives the moments with her loved ones. The Impact book was a way of giving back to her our sincere appreciation for the love and joy she has brought to all of us she has loving touched and the difference she has made in doing so. She has sincerely loved us and the book was a way to express how we love and cherish her. I was quite unexpectantly overwhelmed by her powerful response. She was emotionally overwhelmed and at a loss for words. She loved the gift. Her response went beyond what I was hoping for.”

Andrew S. - Giver of an IMPACT book

"As soon as I saw the book in front of my eyes, I immediately started crying (because it wasn't wrapped haha). I knew what this meant, and I knew what would be inside. At first I felt so loved and known. This is hands down the best gift I have ever received. I felt like it was more than a gift from just [my best friend]. It was a gift from my people, sharing how I’ve impacted them, and that just means the world to me knowing that I have ACTUALLY had an impact on people, of all ages. There are some of my Wyldlife girls in there, some of MY YoungLife leaders, and my family. Being only 18, I often feel like I’m not leaving an impact on the people I encounter, and this just honestly made me realize I am. Every time I read it now, I bawl my eyes out. It’s so touching reading the words my people said, and to realize that even though I’m only 18, I am leaving at least a little bit of an impact on this earth."

Lexie M. - Recipient of an IMPACT book

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