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Too many people walk around without the slightest idea how much they mean to the people around them. It’s easy to assume that people just ‘know’ how much we love them, and so the words remain unsaid. Let's normalize telling our people how much they mean to us.

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the IMPACT book®

the idea that started a movement

It all started when Jenny had an idea to show her hubby, Joel, how much he mattered to the world around him. She reached out to everyone she could and asked what their favorite memory was with Joel, how he'd impacted their life, and how he'd helped them. She put all the answers together in a book and gave it to him. He admitted he had no idea this was how people felt about him. And the IMPACT book was born!

  • From Lori, a recipient of an IMPACT book:

    "It’s funny how you sometimes feel like you’re ‘just’ in the background most of your life, no one ‘important.’ I knew my family loved me, I never questioned that, but when you start reading their thoughts on things that have happened or how they felt about certain memories... it changes the way you think about yourself. I’m not ‘just’ in the background and I am important! I may not be important in the world, but I am important to those who mean the world to me.

    This book blessed me and continues to bless me, each time I pick it up. Impact Book...it’s an amazing way to remind your loved ones just how much they are loved and to keep some wonderful memories alive.”

  • From Tiffany, a give of an IMPACT book:

    "I think it was the best I ever gave and the best gift I ever will give! It's the perfect way to show someone that they are making a difference. My husband absolutely loved it!
    I would say that this is a wonderful gift for someone who struggles with self-worth/self-esteem, or s great gift for retirement."

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