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IMPACT book®

IMPACT book®

The gift that reminds people they matter day in and day out so they always know how much they’re loved.

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Everyone matters. But not everyone knows they matter. That’s where an IMPACT book comes in. 

Create a keepsake of meaningful memories that remind your loved ones how much they mean to the special people in their life.

Here’s how it works…

  • Purchase the book
  • Share your personalized link to gather IMPACT Book responses
  • Upload up to 10 pictures
  • Give the gift of IMPACT

The process normally takes up to 14 days before the book is shipped. The link for people to answer the questions will be open for seven days, followed by another seven days for us to create the book. (The submission timeframe can be adjusted if you'd like longer, but the shipping date will be extended as well). 

Think of IMPACT as a treasured keepsake of love letters to be read for years to come. It is an 8x10 printed hardcover book compiled of notes and memories for a specific person or couple. Each book includes:

  • Unlimited entries for these three questions:
    • What is your favorite memory with them?
    • How has ___ impacted your life?
    • How has ___ helped you?
  • Up to 10 photos are included in each book

To see more of what the inside of the book looks like when it's complete, [visit this blog post].

Want to know some suggestions on how to fill the book with a lot of answers? Check out our helpful infographic by [clicking here].

At IMPACT, we believe in making sure that people know they matter. The IMPACT book is just one of the ways we help you do that. Visit our complete online store here: 

Sample photos of the personalized website you receive and the form you'll send to those you want to be included in the book:

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