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IMPACT book®

IMPACT book®

The gift that reminds people they matter day in and day out so they always know how much they’re loved.

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The IMPACT book is a personalized book compiled of notes and memories to tell someone the impact they have on the people in their lives. Too many people walk around without the slightest idea how much they mean to the people around them. It’s easy to assume that people just ‘know’ how much we love them, and so the words remain unsaid. We at IMPACT believe that it's time to tell people they matter, and the IMPACT book is just one of the ways we help you do that.


The IMPACT book is an 8x10 printed hardcover book compiled of notes and memories for a specific person or couple. Each book includes:

  • Unlimited entries for these three questions:

    • What is your favorite memory with them?

    • How has ___ impacted your life?

    • How has ___ helped you?

  • Up to 10 photos included in each book


To see more of what the inside of the book looks like when it's complete, [visit this blog post].


Here's how the process works:

When you place an order for an IMPACT book we create an online portal that is all yours through the creation of the book. This portal includes the link to share with others to collect answers (more on that in a minute), a countdown for how many days are left for submission (7 days in total), a space to upload your photos, and a live view of names of those who have submitted! You can have unlimited submissions in the IMPACT book.

The link that you send to people includes a form that they’ll fill out answering any of three questions: What is your favorite memory with _____? How has _____ impacted your life? How has _____ helped you? Those who are filling out the form have the option to fill out as many questions as they want. Once they hit submit, you’ll see their name pop up in the live view of who has responded!

Three days before the book is done, you’ll get an email reminder to let you know you should log in to your portal and double check on the people you know you want included in the book. You’ll also be reminded to submit your photos if you haven’t yet. You’ll get another email the day before submissions are closed, and then an email to let you know we’ve started your book!

It can take up to seven days for the books to be made. We do a very basic grammar and spelling check, and then divide the answers into three sections: Memories, IMPACT, and Helped. The names are included under each submission in each section, and have a border around them. We’ve found that sectioning off the answers makes for an even more emotional experience as they read through the book. After proofing by our team, the book is sent to the lab and delivered straight to your door!

If you want to make an IMPACT book for someone but aren’t quite ready to start collecting submissions we suggest buying a gift card and activating it the day you are ready to start.

Want to know some suggestions on how to fill the book with a lot of answers? Check out our helpful infographic by [clicking here].


Sample photos of the personalized website you receive, and the form you'll send to those you want included in the book:

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