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IMPACT: tell people they matter

Mirrored 'YOU MATTER' baseball tee


We're all for shirts that tell others they matter (I mean... that's what we're here for), but we wanted to be able to reming YOU that YOU matter too. So this shirt has our standard "YOU MATTER" message mirrored. This way, every time you look in the mirror you can know you belong in this world, and you deserve to take up space.

This red and grey 3/4 sleeve baseball tee features a graphic with the words 'YOU MATTER' in a white block across the front of the chest.

Measurements* [in inches]:

  S M L XL


18" 20" 22 3/4" 23 3/4"

Neck collar to hem

28" 29 1/4" 29 1/2" 30 1/2"
Sleeve from neck collar to cuff 22 1/2" 22 1/2" 23 1/2" 24"

 * All measurements are approximate

Material is 100% cotton.

For best results: wash inside out with cold water, do not bleach, do not dry clean, tumble dry on low.

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Mirrored 'YOU MATTER' baseball tee