Thank you so much for your submission! 

You just used some of your precious time to tell someone how much they mean to the world around them. You are helping make an IMPACT! Want to know more? Keep scrolling.

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 Child snuggled between an elderly couple, looking at an IMPACT book. The book features two different photos on the left page, with the word Memories at the top of the right page.

What exactly is that special person receiving?

They're being given an IMPACT book. It's a book compiled of notes and memories to tell someone the impact they have on the people in their lives. Too many people walk around without the slightest idea how much they mean to the people around them. It’s easy to assume that people just ‘know’ how much we love them, and so the words remain unsaid. We at IMPACT believe that it's time to tell people they matter, and the IMPACT book is just one of the ways we help you do that.

We've heard it's the best gift someone has ever given. 
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Here is a reaction of someone who received a book, so you can see just how much these books mean to people: