🎁 Gift Guide for Grandparents: Honoring the Pillars of our Lives

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for our beloved grandparents can seem daunting. After all, they've amassed a lifetime of gifts! However, at IMPACT, we believe the best gifts aren't always wrapped in shiny paper, but in memories, affirmations, and heartfelt sentiments. Here's a guide to making your grandparents feel cherished this festive season:

The IMPACT book

Surprise them with a compilation of memories, notes, and testimonies from family members that articulate the myriad ways they've touched lives. Their wisdom, their support, and their endless love - let them see the ripple effect they've created.

The IMPACT book is a 'from the whole family' type of gift and gives grandparents something to hold and read through again and again and again.

[Find out more about the IMPACT book here]

Illustrated Family Photo

If your family is large or schedules haven't allowed for a family photo in years, consider commissioning an artist to create an illustrated full family photo and have it printed and framed. This will give them the opportunity to see their family together and be reminded of their love for them every time they see it. 

[Go to the link for the illustration featured by clicking here]

Personalized Drinkware

From mugs that say 'You matter' to thermoses that say 'Remember: you are making an impact one day at a time' to water bottles that say 'You are delightfully human.' Our drinkware is a daily reminder of their significance. (And they'll think of YOU each time they see it!)


[Find this thermos and more in our drinkware section by clicking here]

Photo Memory Compilation

Pictures speak a thousand words. Collect photographs from family members, and create an album or a slideshow set to some of their favorite music. Throw in some old pictures and let them revel in the nostalgia.

[Places like Artifact Uprising, Shutterfly, and Mpix are great places for printing photos and photo books!]

Remember, this holiday season, it's not just about giving a gift but making an impact. Let's tell our grandparents, in every way possible, that they are valued, they are seen, and they have made a difference in our lives.

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