Five ways to show teachers you appreciate them

So many of us have children who attend school and have incredible teachers. And these teachers have been through it over the last few years. They've adjusted to different ways of learning through the pandemic, and have done everything they can to accommodate the environment of their classroom so our kids can grow during the school day.
Every day, these teachers are loving on our kids and helping them be the best versions of themselves as they progress through their education.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8th thru May 12th this year. And though we don't think it's too early to start planning for ways to say, "Thank you!!" we are here to give you a few suggestions on ways you can show your child's teacher how much you appreciate them even BEFORE Teacher Appreciation Week.

1) Write a thank-you note or letter: Taking the time to write a personalized note or letter to your child’s teacher can be a powerful way to show your appreciation. Be specific about what you appreciate about their teaching style or the positive impact they’ve had on your child. We've got some impactful cards in our shop to remind them of their significance in our lives.

2) Volunteer in the classroom: Teachers often appreciate parents who are willing to volunteer their time in the classroom. Offer to help out with a classroom project, chaperone a field trip, or assist with grading papers.

3) Share positive feedback with them and others: Let the teachers, other parents, and school administrators know how much you appreciate your child’s teacher. Share positive feedback on social media, write a positive review on a school rating website, or simply spread the word to other parents in your community.

4) Provide a small gift: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your appreciation. Consider giving your child’s teacher a small gift, such as a coffee mug or one of these thermoses that say, "Remember: you are making an impact one day at a time," or a gift card to a local coffee shop or bookstore.

5) Go in on a gift with others: You can purchase a larger gift for them by going in on a gift with parents of the children in your child's class. You could purchase a massage, gift card to a nice restaurant, or an IMPACT book filled with ways the teacher's students have been impacted by their teacher. Contact your child's school and see if you could get the contact information of the other parents or bring it up at a PTA meeting.

We hope these ideas have sparked a way for you to show your child's teacher they matter. They're doing amazing work every day... and they deserve to be told how incredible they are. We all need to know we're making a difference.

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