5 Unique Ways to Tell Mom She Matters

Have you ever been at Target roaming the Mother’s Day cards and feel like it all just falls flat? You want to do more for your mom than getting her a cliche card and maybe some flowers, but you’re not sure what to do.

We’ve all got our go-to gifts for Mother’s day: breakfast in bed, brunch out on the town, chocolates, flowers, candles, cards. None of these ideas are bad, but maybe you feel in a creative rut. It’s time to find something original.


Here at IMPACT, we are all about telling people they matter - and that definitely includes our mothers! We want to go out of our way to deliver an experience that makes people feel special, seen, and loved.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re bringing you our top five ways to show your mother that she really matters to you.


1 // Pay attention to what she’s requested

This is a great place to start because listening is a powerful way to show we care. Sometimes, we breeze right over what our moms are saying because we see it as nagging or feel like we’ve already heard it before. Yet slowing down and paying attention is powerful. It might help to keep a list of things that your mom has talked to you about throughout the year. 

For my mother, this looks like printing out wedding photos for her (4 years later… oops!), maybe getting her a massage gift card, or helping her get her children’s book printed. These ideas have all popped up in conversation. It’s not about the price, it’s truly about the thought.

Maybe your mom simply wants more time with you. If that’s the case, try scheduling a coffee date or surprise her with a visit. If you live far away, a family zoom hangout or calling for a long chat might be exactly what she needs.


2 // Learn Your mother’s love language

You might be familiar with the five love languages already and have used them with your partner, but it’s so important to apply them to your mom as well. Instead of guessing for her, try sending her the quiz that she can take to learn the love languages for herself. Ask her if she’d share her results with you.

Love languages are far from a science and there’s more to how we show and receive affection than a few categories, but it’s a helpful starting point to paying attention to what makes your mom feel loved.

Does she crave time together? Or would she really value a gift or help cleaning out her closets? Does she want to hear words of encouragement or does that make her feel uncomfortable? By learning her love language, you can help narrow down what mom really wants instead of what is culturally normal for Mother’s Day.


3 // Write her a handwritten letter or make her a video 

Cards are great and we have a few ready for you, but you can also pull out a sheet of paper or a blank document and write out your thoughts and memories for your mom. Go beyond signing your name and list the ways that she’s benefitted your life or all the things you love about her.

Writing isn’t your thing? Try making Mom a little video of you simply talking to the camera and sharing your heart. You can ramble a little, your mom won’t mind! Maybe ask your siblings to also submit a note or video too and collect them for her.


4 // Make mom an IMPACT Book

Of course, we need to mention our favorite creative gift for Mom! An IMPACT Book is a personalized compilation of notes and memories that we tag-team together. We have a system in place, including three key questions to ask: What is your favorite memory with ___? How has ___ impacted your life? How has ___ helped you?

We get you a specific link that you send out to all the special people in Mom’s life and they can submit their answers through an easy-to-use system online. This is a powerful way to really show mom how much she matters to not just you, but so many other people.

If you want to do this on a budget and limit the responses, we also offer a Mini IMPACT book that allows 20 submissions and 5 photos in a softcover format. This is great if you’re looking for a smaller, but still moving, way to help Mom see her impact visually.

*To receive an IMPACT book in time for Mother's Day, orders must be made no later than Sunday, April 24th.


5 // Small things on repeat all year long

We always say that we should honor Mom all year long, but do we really do it? Life often gets busy and we forget to keep up with investing in our relationship. It doesn’t take a grand gesture to show her the impact she’s made on your life. You can choose to do little things that encourage her.

 Tips + Ideas:

  • Set a reminder to call your mother (and maybe your grandmother if she’s still living)
  • Schedule time with just your mother away from the rest of the family
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a simple text!
  • Remember your mom’s coffee or drink order and drop it off at her home or work. Bonus points for a message written on the cup.

None of these suggestions are meant to hold pressure, but instead to serve as an inspiration diving board into your own creative ideas! There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. There’s nothing wrong with a text that says, “mom, you really matter to me and I’m thankful for you.” You can express your love however you’d like!

This Mother’s Day, our big challenge to you is to slow down and really think about how you’d like to show your mother that she matters. Tell her, but also show her. Make it custom and personal. Maybe even make an IMPACT book or check out our other merch, but the point remains the same: Mom matters.

The point is intentionality in the middle of our busyness. You can choose big and little ways to go out of your way to share the impact your mother has made on your life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mama friends and happy brainstorming for all us adult kids!


If you have a complicated relationship with your mother, you are not alone and you can still find the value in honoring her in ways that also honor your healthy boundaries. You might not have a traditional relationship and that’s okay. There are ways to still hold space for the joys and the pain. Just know that we see you and hold space for you here as well.

*All photos in this post were taken by Jennifer Christi Photo & Video

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