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YOU MATTER. floral boat neck

YOU MATTER. floral boat neck

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This super comfy boat neck sweat shirt is a part of something bigger. We fully believe that it’s time to tell people they matter, and this tee helps you do just that—even while you’re going about your regular day. You’ll be a reminder to everyone you come in contact with that they matter.

Sizes run tight.

Measurements* [in inches]:

  S M L


20" 20 3/4" 21"

Front of collar to hem

20 1/2" 22 1/4" 23"

Wrist cuff to neckline**

24 1/4" 26 1/4" 27 3/4"


16 1/2" 16 3/4" 20 3/4"


* All measurements are approximate

** Due to the design of the sleeve, we measured from cuff of the sleeve to the neckline.


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